Travel notes in the spirit of eros libros. This page indexes all my bookporn, produced between 2007-2011, when I was an itinerant PhD student and found many occasions to trespass in libraries, bookstores and book-museums across the world, often wielding a stealthy camera. Asterisks denote favourites! — though, like Calvino’s cities, or like past lovers, I have loved each these rooms of books uniquely, as much as I now love them as markers of the tangled passage I have made through space and time.

  1. Haddon Library, Cambridge
  2. Pembroke Library, Cambridge
  3. Wren Library, Cambridge
  4. Charing Cross Road, London
  5. Unknown bookstore, Brighton
  6. Lincoln’s Inn, London
  7. Historical edition: Qur’an (c. 1700) and Korean Tripitaka (c. 1200)
  8. Complete works of Massinger
  9. King’s College Library, Cambridge
  10. Thai strip-style books
  11. Seeley Library, Cambridge
  12. Gonville & Caius Library, Cambridge
  13. Bauhaus Café, Seattle 
  14. Elliot Bay Books, Seattle
  15. Unknown bookstore, San Francisco
  16. Seattle Public Library, Seattle
  17. National Palace Museum, Taipei
  18. Home, Kuala Lumpur
  19. St John’s College Library, Cambridge (1)
  20. St John’s College Library, Cambridge (2)
  21. Clare College Library, Cambridge
  22. The University Library, Cambridge
  23. Qur’ans at the V&A, London
  24. SOAS Brunei Gallery, London
  25. Shakespeare & Co., Paris
  26. Unknown bookstore, Paris
  27. Musée Guimet, Paris
  28. The Seminary Co-op Bookstore, Chicago
  29. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Library
  30. New York Public Library, New York
  31. Chicago Public Library, Chicago
  32. * Westsider Books, New York
  33. Kroch Library, Cornell, Ithaca
  34. Streetside bookstore, Estonia
  35. Lankester Antiques & Books, Saffron Walden
  36. Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore
  37. National Library of Singapore, Singapore
  38. Suntec City Food Court, Singapore
  39. Ethnic Travel Insight into Vietnam Bookstore, Hanoi 
  40. Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore
  41. Books from Heaven
  42. New Liberal Arts
  43. * Heffers, Cambridge
  44. Last Folio exhibition, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge
  45. The “Pubic Triangle”, Edinburgh

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