the other Cambridge

My prolonged absence in the last couple of weeks is partly explained by my great transatlantic move. After some weeks of upheaval, I’m finally settled into my new postdoctoral life in Cambridge MA, where I’ll mostly be for the next three years. So far, postdoctoral life is frighteningly, thrillingly autonomous. I am full of plans, papers, ideas and projects, and no degree-giving light in the vast wood to walk toward, no map with which to plot my route. One makes one’s own way from now on. So be it. If I end up splayed at the bottom of a gully in a swamp of misguided, unfinished projects, it is all my own doing, or undoing.

But I have stack access to the Widener and the Yenching, a beautiful office, a brilliant cohort of peers and colleagues, and the strangely irascible marginalia of undergraduates, to keep me company along the way, and throughout the Boston winters. The cup overfloweth, truly.


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