late to the party

but I just got Google Wave, & was immediately thrilled by all the possibilities. After digging around to see what wonderful things people were doing with it so far, the thought that occurred to me was: what a spectacular way to read books with other people! like a book club, but so much more focused and specific, with so much potential to pursue lines of thought one wouldn’t reach even in the most intense group discussions — with an archive of notes, to boot. I need to think about this more (maybe see some examples? butwhere?) but I feel like it could be awesome, with the right sorts of participants.


4 responses to “late to the party

  • Eric

    My first experience with it was, “Well, this is boring without any people using it.”

    My second experience with it, after I’d gotten onto a wave with more people was, “Wow, this is immediately overwhelming.”

  • Rachel

    from what I can see, the inability to easily collapse and expand sub-conversations (blips? god, I feel like a fossil with all this new wave vocabulary) clutters up the screen a lot. I wonder if they’re going to do anything about that.

    also the slowness of large waves is deeply frustrating. but! the night is young for google wave.

  • mark wong

    hi rachel,

    came across your articles and blog just yesterday while I was doing some research on Tunku Abdul Rahman. we’re doing the research on TAR and applying for a grant at the same time. Was wondering if you’d be interested. Of course, we will pay you for your work.

    what is your email address? feel more comfortable taking this into a not-so public realm. or email me at


  • Jamie K

    Lovely article many thanks

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