Monthly Archives: February 2009

being eaten up

monstrously, I’ve disappeared from the internet for some time. It’s that stage of the PhD where things are clarifying and sources are pressing themselves upon me from all sides, demanding to be considered and consulted. Inevitably, the vast banquet of sources is giving me indigestion. How did you all do it?–juggling sources and books; keeping up to date with journal articles and email correspondence; managing meals and groceries and bills; keeping up some pitiful semblance of a social life; hunting down leads in the archive; pinning down those irritating, niggling little queries that flap about your reading and multiply so alarmingly on a sea of hastily scribbled Post-its; deciding how to allocate your time; following up a thousand references; making phonecalls and having long inquisitive chats with librarians; writing reviews and papers; trying desperately to read things unrelated to the PhD; and all the while keeping one’s research questions firmly overhead and one’s thoughts in some order–and–is it possible?–I haven’t even started teaching yet!

more soon, I hope–in the mean time, the state of politics in my country continues to chew industriously away at the boundaries between reality, science fiction and outright farce.