Monthly Archives: July 2008


I am bound for the Baltic in about two hours, and so there shall be little in the way of updates — even less than in the past two weeks, over which time I have returned to Cambridge with my entire family in tow, and my usual solitary, bookish existence has been somewhat derailed. I leave you, then, with some words of wisdom from my father, who has always wanted me to be a lawyer (or something that at any rate earns money) and who, I believe, till this day does not quite understand what I think I am doing. In perusing Ambrose Bierce’s most excellent Devil’s Dictionary, upon inspecting the definition for ‘history’, he was sufficiently roused to furnish an entry of his own. ‘Historian,’ he said, darkly, ‘someone who studies the past and has no future.’

Until the 4th of August – au revoir!