bookporn #33: kroch library, cornell university

Kroch Library, Cornell University

this is totally overdue. While I was in the States a couple of months ago, I spent 8 days in Cornell University, otherwise known as the Mecca of Southeast Asian Studies, and discovered that the Kroch Library had the most prostitutional opening hours I’ve ever encountered — 7am to 2am, staffed throughout, and the beautiful, spacious library cafe stays open all the way, until I am dragged out of it, kicking and screaming, projected unceremoniously into the subzero night, and the doors of the library clang shut behind me. (Narrative embellishment probable).

coming home from that to my beloved Cambridge University Library (9 to 7 on weekdays, 9 to 5 on Saturday, and closed. on. Sundays.) felt like perdition.

At any rate, while wandering about in total reverence, I found the mezzanine floor of the Kroch, which allows one so inclined to lean over the balcony and gaze magisterially from one’s lofty vantage point across the vast steely expanse of metal shelving, books … one beholds a territory so ripe, lush and ready for exploitation that for a moment, one has a twang of longing for empire. Speaking personally, I would subjugate these masses any day.

Kroch Library, Cornell University

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