links for 2008-02-28


5 responses to “links for 2008-02-28

  • Kyle

    I seriously want every single one of those bookshelves!

  • Rachel

    they are totally spectacular (and also, largely implausible). I’ve been mentally salivating all day :¬) though, I note that the website has just breached its bandwidth limit. I suppose I am very fractionally culpable for that, and accordingly, remorseful.

  • Omair

    Very cool. After seeing this page, I built my own bookshelf based on the fifth one down. However, mine is made of pine instead of plastic, only has one color (that of unfinished wood) and isn’t the least bit curvy. And the bench is only 36 inches wide, because I wasn’t going to lie on it anyway. So I guess the only thing it has in common with the model is that it has a bench and two towers. When I’m finished sanding and staining I’ll send a picture if you like.

  • Omair

    Oh and I’ll stuff it full of books before I take the picture.

  • Rachel

    that sounds glorious. I would love a photo! I’m actually just about to feature another reader-submitted bookporn, so this is a fertile time to share your bookporn-love. email works best.

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