goodbye, Suharto

Suharto (d. 27 January, 2008). this photo of him was taken when he resigned from power in 1998 (see the resignation!). but I prefer another photo:

here’s Suharto with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, bonding over Suharto’s favourite pasttime of fishing off the balmy coast of Jakarta. I like to think of this photo, place it in my mind beside the statistics of the 1965-8 massacres. here, Suharto with a fish; there, Suharto with 800,000 dead Communist sympathizers. rest in peace, General.


4 responses to “goodbye, Suharto

  • Many Angry Gerbils

    Suharto is Dead. So is History

    So, the butcher Suharto is dead. Few will mourn the monster. Today’s Independent on Sunday carries a lengthy obituary of the man and cannot avoid discussing the horror he wrought after his takeover in 1965: Suharto then oversaw a nationwide

  • tde

    there doesn’t appear to be a link to his resignation embedded . . .

  • Rachel

    @ tde: sorry, it was a bad pun on resignation as an act of giving up a seat of power and resignation as crestfallen acceptance. he does look quite crestfallen in the first picture, does he not? 🙂

  • kungfuzi

    And let’s not forget East Timor either.

    The Straits Times’ coverage of his death was obsequious and disgraceful. What’s a couple hundred thousand dead when you’ve got economic development?

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