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  • Oli

    The words of MacDonald at the beginning sound like they were voiced by a non-British actor. Also, I think the quality is too good for a 1940s radio recording.

    The kind of quality/ voice you would expect would be similar to that found in these WW2 radio broadcasts:

    On that page there is an interesting clip from a 1942 BBC Radio report on ‘the last days of Singapore.’ Rather randomly, there is also a sound clip of Malcolm’s father PM Ramsay MacDonald giving a 1929 election speech. I wonder if Malcolm MacDonald also had a similar Scottish accent.

  • Rachel

    you’re probably right — though my comment on its ‘colonial’ nature was more to do with its content 🙂 you know, the whole essentialized race-rivalry rhetoric, whose legacy still plays out in my poor country today. it might even be funnier in a Scottish accent …

    that radio link is pure gold — thank you!

  • fahmi reza

    a little movie trivia:

    the voice-over for Malcolm MacDonald in 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka was actually done by a local theatre actor, Edwin Sumun. the text was actually taken from an actual radio broadcast by Malcolm MacDonald on Radio Malaya on 19 Oct 1947, one day before the Malaya-wide Hartal! i couldn’t find the actual recording at the archives, so that was why i used an actor.

  • Rachel

    that’s wonderful! I’m so thrilled you made that film — all my congratulations. you should consider submitting it to Current TV — they are excellent for spreading good viewer-made media content. have you made anything else?

  • fahmi reza

    10tahun was my first film. i am working on a new one this year, sort of like a sequel to 10tahun. its gonna be focused on the history of the struggle during the emergency.

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