sorry for the extended silence. amongst other things, I’ve been watching history happen, with a mixture of a historian’s curiosity and a citizen’s anguish (a pernicious combination, I can tell you).

the outcome of the rally seems to have been wildly successful, though. Apart from the astounding turnout, its aim was to get a letter of protest to the Sultan, and this was accomplished at circa 4.15PM today, 10 November. Significantly, the symbolic colour of today’s protest was yellow: the colour of democracy, some say, but also the colour of Malaysian royalty. In a country where vital parts of the constitution are increasingly being ignored and violated by an ever-powerful government, it seems the people are turning, perhaps in desperation, to the word of the King.

for the record, these were my thoughts from the unhappened side of the event. I want to remember this uncertainty; historical contingency is real. And I understand better than ever now that so is historical agency.

more soon.


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