bookporn #16: seattle public library, seattle

seattle public library

seattle public library

Made a brief excursion (pilgrimage) to Seattle Public Library, which is essentially Bill Gates’ money made manifest — and it shows. The place is colossal, modern, tech-savvy. It’s, in fact, almost too slick to be bookpornographic. There’s such a vast, tasteful sense of space that the well-spaced, neat arrays of books are more Victoria’s Secret than Playboy — more coy than explicit …

seattle public library

But still, awesome. Look at all that space! — space for ideas to dislodge themselves from the books & drift gracefully skywards.

NB: now in transit to Taiwan — will be absent for a bit.


2 responses to “bookporn #16: seattle public library, seattle

  • Omair

    There is a TED talk on this library by the architect, Joshua Prince-Ramus.

    I recommend you watch it; it’s amazing how such a beautiful structure can come from such a rational mindset.

  • Rachel

    thank you for the link — I am totally edified. you know, people have claimed to me that technical or functional understanding — of music, of art, of literature — detracts from aesthetic appreciation of the beauty of the thing in question. but this is, I think, a false trade-off, and particularly so in appreciation of architecture. especially awesome hyper-rational architecture like the seattle public library!

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