making sense of nathaniel tan’s arrest

was up until 5am last night redrafting my short history of Nat’s arrest into an article for theCicak, who ran a mightily edited version of it today. the part of the essay regarding the Deputy Minister of Internal Security is especially incoherent, because much of it’s been fearfully excised by my co-editors. and the whole article is laced with vigilant insertions of “allegedly’s”, “according to’s” and “apparently’s”.

if you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know why 🙂 (and I’m only mostly joking when I say that)

Nat’s arrest under this undeniably draconian “Official Secrets Act” has been condemned by both international and local human rights groups, including World Organization Against Torture, Amnesty, Suaram (human rights watchdog), our own bar council, the Center for Independent Journalism and Reporters Sans Frontieres (who incidentally got the story wrong, but never mind). an online petition is being circulated too, which has garnered, to date, nearly a thousand signatures. sign it if you’re inclined.

truth, eh — a strange and dangerous thing.


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