bookporn #10: thai strip-style books

known as strip books, in common usage in China and Southeast Asia from the 5th century onwards. they consist of thin sheets of palm leaves or birch bark cut into slats, bound together by silk, leather or cord, and pressed between two pieces of wood or bark covers. these covers keep the slats in place and protect them from heat, humidity and insects, but sadly provide no safeguard against the INNATE HOTNESS OMG of these smouldering inventions. notice how the writing script shapes itself neatly — nay, coyly — in a square margin around the binding. ahh, if any books were capable of the striptease …

pictures culled, photoshop-enhanced & jpg’d from here.

there will be more bookporn than words in these few post-thesis weeks. summer garden parties, late-night conversations & spontaneous library sorties are occupying most of my time. but in due course productivity will reassert itself. in the mean time, leer away!


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