non sequitur

Dear Rachel

I am delighted to offer you a Tunku Scholarship. This offer is conditional on your being awarded a Distinction in your MPhil in Historical Studies and an unconditional offer of a place in the PhD programme for which you have applied.

Since you have been successful in your application for funding from the Gates Trust – on which, very many congratulations! – you would not receive living costs and fees from the Tunku Abdul Rahman Fund but you would be granted the title of Tunku Scholar and receive a scholarship that would cover your field work. The size of the scholarship has yet to be decided. You would be able to apply for it in instalments, depending on your research plan and needs.

currently staring at the hefty conditional (a distinction??) but this means fieldwork funding is potentially sorted too — oh I am tremendously elated & it has all turned out wholly contrary to my doomsday expectations.

alas, Robin, I will not be starting up the Dept. of Blogging, let alone doing a second PhD in it 🙂 but this is a start.

nonpartisan over at progressive historians recently put out a call for voluntary book reviewers which I’m seriously considering, but the thesis comes first, I think. if any of you are fledgling academics & are interested, though, do let him know.

the thesis is, still, eating up my life.

note to self: do not perform major restructuring on a 30,000 word thesis, two weeks before it is due. it is disturbingly akin to what I imagine the experience of herding a throng of narcoleptic elephants through a porcelain museum would be like (that is to say, everything will break, including the elephants, and there is nothing you can do about it).


One response to “non sequitur

  • Simon

    Narcoleptic elephant herding sounds like fun…for some reason the phrase “Damn you and your fairy stories, they’re smashing up my home!” just occured. I have no idea why.

    Congrats erm…again.

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