is this STILL happening??

warning: incoherent rage

I can hardly believe denial is still taking place — against all reason & evidence. I thought today about the degree to which Japan’s government is succeeding in their erasure of the past — what is it like for people within Japan without immediate access to external sources? is there not sufficient memory circulating within the population to counter such preposterous anti-truth claims? if I were to alight on a random street in Tokyo, grab a random stranger on the street and shake him, asking him if he knew what had been done in China and Malaysia and Singapore in the 1940s, approximately what are the odds that he would immediately know what I was referring to? how long can the dam hold against an evidential deluge?

Japan’s stand on comfort women is not a qualitative assertion (it wasn’t that bad) but an ontological assertion (it didn’t really happen). this is not bad or judgmental history; it is not history at all. unacceptable.


Eager to keep warming relations on track, the Chinese government has been muted in its criticism of Abe’s statements about the wartime brothels. (link)

what can be done when historical falsehood is bolstered by complicity?

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